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De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis: The Basics

If you have noticed an unusual ache in your lower thumb after a long day at the keyboard or intense doubles on the tennis court — you’re not alone. It’s known as texting thumb, blackberry thumb or gamer’s thumb, but it’s not restricted to overzealous video game players.

The proper name for it is De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. It’s that inflamed irritation within your wrist and lower thumb that occurs as tendons grind against themselves and swell to the point of pain in your hand that can sometimes extend to the lower arm.

de quervain's tenosynovitis wrist pain

How Does This Happen?

Doctors can’t give a comprehensive explanation for precisely why the pain develops, but they know it’s caused by:

Gaming, A directly impacted thumb, Tennis or racket ball, Rheumatoid arthritis, Overexerted thumb motions, Repetitive work activities, Over texting, Lifting babies or small children.

Who’s Most Prone To Develop De Quervains Disease?

The short answer is anyone. But especially watch out if you’re:

  • Any adult between 30 and 50.
  • A woman — it’s as much as ten times more common.
  • A mother. Possibly the result of lifting and handling infants and kids.
  • Someone with a constantly engaged wrist. Over time, these isolated motions in work and sports can take a toll.
de quervain's affected thumb

How Do You Recognize It?

If you suspect you’re experiencing De Quervain’s, pay close attention to wrist swelling and any throbbing sensation along the backside tendons of your thumb.

De Quervain sufferers have noted how the condition can come with either a gradual or sudden onset, with pain extending from thumb to forearm.

This means that, all at once, you may struggle to move your thumb without pain. In extreme cases, pinching, gripping or grasping becomes intolerable, and any extra wrist movement only exacerbates the discomfort.

How Is It Diagnosed?

Typically, your doctor will manually observe how your hand and thumb respond to various degrees of external pressure.

The Doctor will follow this preliminary observation with a gesture commonly known as the Finkelstein test, where they will gently attempt to bend your thumb across your palm while curling your fingers to form a fist. This basic test protocol stretches your tendons and, if you notice a sharp increase in pain, all signs point to De Quervain’s.

de quervains tape placed on thumb

De Quervain’s Disease Treatment?

While you’ll likely make a full recovery in time, your initial goal is to limit the pain and inflammation. You’ll want to stop yourself from any unnecessary thumb movements, use the De Quervain’s Wand and De Quervain’s Tape regularly and consider over-the-counter medicine like ibuprofen or naproxen.

If these more conservative treatment attempts do not make a difference, a steroid injection is the next course of action. Ideally, if administered within 6 months of the first symptoms, the problem will resolve.

De Quervain’s Wand

The De Quervain’s Wand has proven to be a quick and inexpensive solution for De Quervain’s Disease, and can easily be used at home. It is effetive on restoring movement of your thumb and might even delay or eliminate the need of surgery.

It is especially effective in the earlier stages of De Quervain’s Syndrome.

De Quervain’s home treatment wand
de quervain's jelly for pain relief

De Quervain’s Jelly

De Quervain’s Jelly is typically desired over a standard ultrasound gel for De Quervain’s home treatment.
To use, prior to beginning the ultrasound and far-infrared process, simply add a small amount of the jelly over the thumb and wrist where discomfort typically is felt. Add as needed to allow a smooth slide of the machine over the area of soreness.
Wash hands thoroughly after the session is complete and apply the De Quervain’s Tape for continued stretch and support.

De Quervain’s Tape

De Quervain tape can be applied from the thumb to wrist for all-day wear. The tape secures the thumb in an extended to position to provide comfort and moderate ay pain or spam that is caused by thumb and wrist movement made while performing daily activites.
However, unlike a brace, the tape allows for the thumb relatively freely.

tape for de quervains home treatment

This machine works! My thumbs have been bothering me for months and in just a few days, they’re feeling better!

De Quervain’s wand is a good product. It works as advertised.

Definitely worth the money! My son had been complaining forever about “gamers thumb”. He’s fixed. If anyone has a cure for kids that stare at their video screens too much, let me know.

Works as advertised. Fast, easy, and inexpensive!

I read up on the De Quervains Wand and was expecting fast results. It definitely worked but it took a little longer for me. I added some oil to the jelly that comes with the machine and that really seemed to help.

Don’t forget to use the De Quervains tape!! That tape is amazing and I wear it for days.

This product solved my problem. I have had mommy’s thumb for three years and the De Quervains Wand solved the problem in three days!

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