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3 Ways to Ease the Pain Caused by Mommy Thumb


Mommy’s Thumb? I know it hurts and you need a solution for it. Let me give you a quick review of Mommy’s Thumb and then I will offer a solution.

Mommy’s Thumb:

Mommy’s Thumb, medically termed De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, is a painful condition that is caused by inflammation of the sheaths.

A sheath is a covering of a tendon. As a result of the inflammation the two tendons of the thumb, which you use to flex your thumb, swell. This condition is called “Mommy’s Thumb” since it is very common among mothers.

Repetitive movements such as lifting your baby and another activity such as keyboarding make you more prone to it.

So, no more beating around the bush. We will get into the solution to solve your pain and frustration.

Three ways to ease the pain caused by the Mommy’s Thumb:

Opt for a wrist brace!

A wrist brace is the best solution available for Mommy’s Thumb since it provides the essential support required for treatment. The wrist brace will keep the wrist in a neutral position, restricting excessive flexing.

Therefore, the wrist and thumb would have the time required for rehabilitation and correction. Moreover, you can wear it during sleep for the best results since the body is in recovery during that time.

Note that the wrist brace should always cover your thumb, as that is where the actual problem lies!

Try thumb lifting!

Another effective method without any hassle of special equipment is the thumb lifting technique. For this, all you need is a flat surface to rest your hand on.


  • Place your hand onto a flat surface, facing the palm in the upward position.
  • Move your thumb upwards towards the fourth finger (pinky finger) while touching its base.
  • Keep your thumb in this extended position for about six seconds and then lower it to its original position.
  • Repeat the following exercise approximately 12 times, twice a day, for the best results.

Don’t pinch it!

Yes! Another method is to modify your daily activities in which you lift, hold, or grab things. It is extremely simple, yet it requires consciousness as it is the little habits we have that cause Mommy’s Thumb.

A few modifications include:

  • Never pass objects while pinching them with one hand. Instead, use both of your hands for the correct grip even if you’re passing little things such as a dish, plate, basket, etc. The rule stays the same: Pass using both hands!
  • Avoid lifting babies with your thumb wide open with your hand! It puts direct pressure on your thumb and wrist, hence swelling the tendons.

The above three approaches offer a blend of treatment, modification of daily habits, and exercise to treat Mommy’s Thumb.

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