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De Quervain’s Wand and Tape


Like any other condition, attempts must be made at trying to reduce it at home, rather than immediately running to the hospital. De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis can be treated using De Quervain’s Wand and Tape.

How do De Quervain’s Wand and Tape work?

Practical and Safe Home Treatment:

De Quervain’s Wand and Tape go hand in hand to provide an affordable, safe, and easy method of treating De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. De Quervain’s Wand and Tape work with De Quervain’s Self-Healing Jelly to provide a conservative treatment that makes use of the latest technology of ultrasound and infrared radiation. It safely decreases the swelling of the tendon. 

Immediate Benefits:

Recovering from surgery or injections may take 4-6 weeks to regain the movement in your hand and for the pain to subside. De Quervain’s Wand and Tape, when used together diligently and regularly, can help you relieve the pain much faster, and find comfort after just the first try at using it. 

Can its Effectiveness be proven?

New and Latest Technology:

Specializing in far infrared technology means that the perfect amount of ultrasound frequency and far-infrared heat frequency is set within the wand to be effective in reducing swelling and increasing flexibility. This can be visible as soon as 20 minutes after usage. Combined with the tape and self-healing jelly, prolonged usage will show more definite results.


While other methods come with their own set of risks and complications, De Quervain’s Wand and Tape come with no substantial side effects. Using them is completely safe and risk-free. This treatment method works like a charm to ease the pain and the swelling that may be occurring in your hand and causing you to lose the movement of it.


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