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How Do People Develop Texting Thumb?


In this day and age, communication is a very key aspect of our lives. We like to remain in contact with our friends and loved ones, as well as to remain updated on what they are doing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to send an instant message or to  “text.” As most people have smartphones now, texting has replaced calling as the new norm for communication.


Other than it being a strain on your eyes and a drain on your time, texting can have other negative side effects; for instance, a condition known as texting thumb. Due to the pivoted movements of the thumb, the tendon connecting the thumb to the palm, which is responsible for most of the movement, becomes inflamed and causes irritation upon movement. This presents as pain in the thumb during movement or stiffness.


Like most cases that stem from overuse, texting thumb is primarily a disease related to the overuse and subsequent inflammation of the tendon sheath. Even though we have been born with opposable thumbs, nature never intended for us to be texting this much, and our thumbs might find this repetitive movement somewhat excessive.

If you have any pain upon movement of your thumb accompanied by an occasional clicking sound, you may want to give your thumb a much-needed rest. If the situation worsens and the pain doesn’t subside with rest, steroid medications or injections may be required. In the worst-case scenario, surgery may be necessary.

This is a relatively benign condition, caused by texting and phone-related overuse of the thumb, With proper management and precautions, you can ensure that you never have to worry about your hand when thinking of that perfect message to send.

Various home remedies or non-surgical treatments are there to treat this disease, De Quervain’s Wand and De Quervain’s Tape is one of the easiest home treatment for the disease. It actually stretches the thumb joint. This helps you in restoring your range of motion very gently.


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