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How to Recover from De Quervain’s?


De Quervain, more commonly known as or Texting Thumb or Gaming Thumb, is caused by the inflammation of the tendon sheaths surrounding your finger and especially thumb movements.

These sheaths are the main component that facilitates dexterity in your hands with complex interactions in the underlying mechanism participating in every movement of your fingers.

De Quervain’s is known as a repetitive strain injury, meaning it happens due to excessive and repetitive movements that put such stress on the movement of your fingers that they start to swell. 

Activities such as typing, gaming, and even texting can cause it. Hence it is called trigger finger. Although it is not a life-threatening problem, it can severely hamper your ability to function and work properly.

The swelling will impede movement, and the pain can radiate, causing significant discomfort when trying to use the wrist, fingers, or thumb. 

The recovery from De Quervain’s

De Quervain’s Disease presents in a variety of ways. The first one of these is the discomfort at the base of the fingers, signaling that there is some level of inflammation occurring.

When this continues in the body, a cascading group of symptoms occurs, resulting in the escalation of pain, swelling, and entrapment of the nerves that can lead to numbness or focal neurological deficits. 

The recovery from De Quervains is not complicated, and it mainly involves diminishing the inflammation. To do this, you can practice refraining from the stimulus that was the cause of the inflammation in the first place.

However, avoiding typing, texting, or gardening might not be a viable option due to work and personal obligations.  If this is the case, the use of non-surgical, at-home remedies De Quervains Wand is a great alternative.

This device is a simple external applicator that can resolve pain and inflammation without the need for surgery. 

When your doctor sees the extent of your nerve involvement, they can also prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to help with the problem or suggest steroid injections to lessen the swelling.

If this does not work, you might even need surgery to fix things. However, such a thing rarely is needed if alternatives can be applied early in the diagnosis.

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