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How do people develop mother’s thumb?


De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, or Mother’s thumb, is a pain on the inside of the wrist that is very common in new mothers. Although this disease can occur with equal odds in males and females, females are disproportionately more likely to develop it. If you are a woman who has recently had a child and you start feeling pain or numbness in your hand, it is recommended to visit your doctor. 



Our hand has a lot of bones in it that make up its complex structure. It allows us to have this level of endurance and dexterity. These bones are connected to each other via tendons. When you hold a baby with your hands facing downwards, this causes a strain on one of these tendons.  

 This tendon, when repeatedly stretched over this bone, becomes swollen and starts to inflame the surrounding structures as well. Due to this, the anatomical tunnel where their components lie can often develop complications. 

 Along with pain due to inflammation, numbness can also take place due to the involvement of nerves that supply the area near the thumb. This also has to do with hormonal changes and weight gain during pregnancy, which exacerbates this problem greatly. 



Similar to most of the injuries pertaining to inflammation of the moving parts of one’s body, it is essential to let your body do the healing itself and give it rest while it does so. If the problem is more severe or if the rest is not a possibility, you should consider medications. If the tendon becomes too damaged, surgery may be necessary. 

This very common ailment of early motherhood can be fixed with minimal effort by giving rest or taking light steroid medications so that you can recover without needing to have another surgery. You can also use De Quervain’s Wand & Tape to cure the disease without any surgery and pain, it’s a natural home treatment for De Quervain’s tenosynovitis or Mother’s thumb.


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