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De Quervain’s Jelly


The product needs to be used with De Quervain’s Wand and follows completely natural cure!

De Quervain’s Jelly is known as a self-heating jelly. The De Quervain’s Wand and De Quervain’s Jelly work hand in hand to make the perfect combination of at home treatment methods for the disease.

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Features Explained

  • The jelly is a self-heating jelly and work as a home treatment for de Quervain’s tenosynovitis
  • It is a typically desired over a standard ultrasound gel for the home cure
  • To use, previous to beginning the ultrasound and far-infrared process, add a small amount of the jelly over the area where soreness is felt.
  • For a smooth slide of the machine over the affected area, you can add the jelly as required .
  • Post treatment session, you need to wash the hands thoroughly and apply De Quervain’s tape for support


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