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De Quervain’s Tape

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If you suffer from de Quervain Syndrome, you likely suffer from thumb or wrist discomfort. Your thumb may also stick, catch, or lock.
For those seeking a natural De Quervain’s treatment, our tape for De Quervain’s tenosynovitis is a perfect accessory to the De Quervain’s Wand. This new approach incorporates safe, effective ultrasound and far-infrared heat frequencies. An inexpensive substitute for surgical procedures!

Watch this video to learn how to apply the De Quervain’s Tape.

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The De Quervain’s tape has proven to be a quick and inexpensive solution for De Quervain’s and can easily be used from home. It can effectively restore your hand movement and delay the need for surgery. It is especially effective in the earlier stages of De Quervain’s Disease.

De Quervain’s tape is popular among sufferers because of its safe, natural, and “at-home approach.”  De Quervain’s Tape acts as a brace, allowing your thumb and wrist to rest, but unlike conventional braces, allows for the use of your hand.

6 reviews for De Quervain’s Tape

  1. Davis

    Suffered from De Quervains for months, tried everything with no relief. Saw an ad for
    the De Quervains Tape, and thought, "Why not? I applied the tape to my thumb and
    wrist according to the instructions. Within a few days, I started to notice a difference in
    my pain level. 
    I bought the Wand a few days later and now my problem is GONE!  I highly recommend
    De Quervains tape to anyone suffering from De Quervains syndrome and searching
    safe, effective, and affordable de quervains tenosynovitis treatment.

  2. Garcia

    I used to be in so much pain from gaming that I could barely play for more than a few
    minutes. But De Quervains wand and tape fixed my thumb pain in no time. Now I can
    game for hours without any discomfort. It is easy to use and affordable, and it really
    works. I highly recommend De Quervains tape to any gamer with thumb pain.

  3. Martin

    This tape is amazing.  Straightens my finger when in resting position  like a brace but I
    can still use my hand (unlike a brace).  Definitely recommended.

  4. Lisa

    I’ve tried various tapes for De Quervain’s, and this one stands out. It’s not just about wrapping; it’s about supporting and aiding recovery. A must-try for anyone dealing with wrist discomfort.

  5. Amanda

    I have a desk job, and I’m constantly typing and using my mouse. When I developed De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, it was really difficult to do my job. I was in pain all the time, and I couldn’t type for more than a few minutes at a time. But then I started using De Quervain’s Tape, and it was a game-changer. Highly recommended to use it along with the Wand for better results!

  6. Daniel

    I tried everything for my thumb pain, but nothing worked until I tried De Quervain’s Tape. It’s amazing!

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De Quervain’s tape is a specially formulated, stretchable, adhesive tape that helps people with De Quervain Tenosynovitis.De Quervain’s Tape acts as a brace, allowing your thumb and wrist to rest,but unlike conventional braces, allows for the full use of your hand.

De Quervain’s tape provides stabilization and support to the wrist and thumb area, which reduces strain on the tendons and helps alleviate pain associated with De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. De Quervain’s Tape acts as a brace, allowing your thumb and wrist to rest and heal, but unlike conventional braces, allows for the full use of your hand.

First, clean and dry the area before using De Quervain’s tape. Then, after cutting it to the correct length or roughly 5″, apply the tape to the wrist and thumb, ensuring that it offers enough support without being too tight.