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What Problems Does De Quervain’s Cause?

De Quervain’s Syndrome has been nicknamed “Blackberry thumb” or “texting thumb” and can be painful and a nuisance. You should be aware of the symptoms and causes so you can treat the condition before it worsens.

When the two tendons in your thumb become inflamed you may be diagnosed with De Quervain’s. These two tendons control the movement of the thumb and when inflamed they cannot successfully glide smoothly within the sheath that covers them. This leads to pain in your wrist and less mobility with your thumb and hand.   




  • Pain near the base of your thumb as well as your wrist. In more severe cases, the pain may also travel up your forearm
  • Loss of control over hand movements
  • Thumb’s movement is not swift and smooth, but rather stops and starts or is jerky.
  • Difficulty in performing simple actions such as grasping, picking something up, or making a fist.

De Quervain’s can be very painful to live with and may seriously affect your livelihood if you use your hands in your work. For example, musicians, farmers, athletes, and typists who use their hands extensively may find it difficult to complete once simple tasks.



If you ignore De Quervain’s, the pain will continue and may worsen. It may spread throughout your hand and arm and you may find it difficult to move the area at all. Once you notice consistent symptoms, it is best to have your doctor examine the area and suggest the next steps. Your doctor will examine the area to determine the severity and how much damage has been done. 

Based on the exam, your doctor will offer surgical and nonsurgical treatment options. Surgery is only needed once the condition has significantly progressed. A non-surgical option that is extremely easy to use at home is the De Quervains Wand. This product is very user friendly and appropriate for all ages. It is portable and can be used at home or in the office. 

Treating De Quervain early is critical to saving yourself from unneeded pain and loss of productivity. Delaying treatment may lead to surgery and a long rehabilitation. Using a product like the De Quervains Wand may be just what is needed to relieve inflammation and allow you to resume normal activities. 

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