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Side Effects of De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis is a condition in which the tendons on the thumb side of your wrist are inflamed. This inflammation causes pain in your wrist especially if you move or turn it. The pain can also affect the movement of your thumb. Symptoms   There are many symptoms or side effects that indicate De Quervain’s Syndrome. Pain in your wrist may also travel up your thumb and eventually your forearm, swelling and inflammation can all happen with De Quervain’s. You may have trouble moving or rotating your wrist. Your thumb may be hard to move, and you may also experience numbness in your index finger and thumb. You may even be able to hear a squeaking sound when you rotate your thumb or wrist indicating the sheaths surrounding your…
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All You Need to Know About De Quervain’s Syndrome

You may discover that you are affected by De Quervain Syndrome but do not worry because all you need to know regarding the Syndrome is in this article. Causes   There is no one cause of De Quervain Syndrome but there are many factors that contribute to this condition. Repetitive hand movements during work or hobbies can cause this condition. A hand injury or suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can also lead to this condition. Symptoms   The symptoms of De Quervain Syndrome are very similar to other hand ailments like trigger finger. You may suffer from pain in your wrist and possibly in your thumb. The pain may also move up to your forearm. You may have trouble moving your thumb and wrist or experience stiffness. Numbness may also spread…
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How to Recover from De Quervain’s?

De Quervain, more commonly known as or Texting Thumb or Gaming Thumb, is caused by the inflammation of the tendon sheaths surrounding your finger and especially thumb movements. These sheaths are the main component that facilitates dexterity in your hands with complex interactions in the underlying mechanism participating in every movement of your fingers. De Quervain's is known as a repetitive strain injury, meaning it happens due to excessive and repetitive movements that put such stress on the movement of your fingers that they start to swell.  Activities such as typing, gaming, and even texting can cause it. Hence it is called trigger finger. Although it is not a life-threatening problem, it can severely hamper your ability to function and work properly. The swelling will impede movement, and the pain…
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Do not get stuck with De Quervain’s Disease

De Quervain's Disease is a condition in which the tendons and tendon sheath that control the thumb swells. This inflammation causes pain, discomfort, stiffness, and restrictions in the movement of the wrist and thumb. When attempting to grip or rotate the wrist, the pain will be most evident and can include difficulty with thumb movements.  Symptoms and causes Various symptoms may indicate the condition of De Quervain. You will be experiencing pain in your wrist and thumb, which may move upwards towards your forearm. The base of your thumb may be swollen, and you may be noticing difficulty in moving your wrist or thumb. Your thumb and wrist area might go numb, or have increased pain levels with twisting the wrist. A squeaking sound may be heard when you try…
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Are You at Risk of De Quervain’s?

De Quervain’s is a medical condition in which the excessive use of the fingers and thumb cause the tendons in your hand to swell. This swelling causes diminished functionality in the impacted digits. This can happen to anybody, but certain groups of people are more at risk than others.  How It Happens  Tendons in your hand are used for all your hand movements, such as gripping, holding, rotating, clenching, and pinching. When you move your hand, two tendons in your hand move toward the base of your thumb to help carry out your hand movement. If one particular motion is repeated again and again, this will agitate the sheath around those tendons, causing them to thicken and swell. This prevents the successful movements being carried out by the hand. Causes…
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How a Doctor Will Treat De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis?

De Quervain’s condition results in the loss of mobility in the thumb, wrist, and even the arm in some cases. This condition is the result of repetitive movements of the fingers, such as typing, farming, or holding up a baby. The following is a quick guide to the diagnosis and treatment options available when a diagnosis of De Quervain's is reached. Symptoms The symptoms of De Quervain’s include pain near the base end of the thumb, as well as the wrist. This pain occurs while resting as well, but especially while exerting the thumb and the hand. Motions such as making a fist or grasping at something to pick it up will be the most painful indicators of this condition. Diagnose It is typically important to consult with a medical…
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How to Know If You Have De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis?

De Quervain's Tenosynovitis is also commonly known as De Quervain's Disease, Gamers Thumb, Texting Thumb, or Mommy's Wrist.  It occurs when there is inflammation of the tendon sheaths that help your fingers in their movement. The most frequently affected digit is the thumb, and the reasons for De Quervain can range from excessive texting or typing to engaging in any activity that puts your thumb in repetitive strain. It also has a varied set of presentations, which depend on what level of inflammation you are suffering from. However, fundamentally, the problem is the same with a similar outcome. Most formal diagnoses of De Quervains will be made by a doctor.  Symptoms to watch out for:   If any of your activities, whether at home or work, involve repeated use of…
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How do people develop mommy’s wrist?

Mommy’s wrist, or De Quervain's tenosynovitis, is a painful sensation that commonly presents itself on the lateral part of the hand or on the side that is adjacent to the thumb. It is a common presentation in women who have recently conceived, especially first-time mothers. New mothers often pick up and carry their newborns much more than they normally would. This disease is not predicated on the gender of the patient, but we find that females are much more predisposed to developing it. It is a fair assessment that the chances for women to get this condition is higher. This has to do with complex biochemical interactions in your body, such as the hormonal changes that dictate the course of pregnancy.  THE REASON BEHIND IT When women pick up infants,…
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How Do People Develop Washerwoman’s Sprain?

How Do People Develop Washerwoman’s Sprain Before we had dry cleaning and laundromats, the world had to rely on cleaning their own clothes. The housewives usually did the cleaning, and if that wasn't an option, the world had washerwomen to do that job for them. One of the main problems these women faced by virtue of their profession was something known as washerwoman's sprain, which is the pain and difficulty in movement of your thumb and your wrist. WHY THIS WAS A PROBLEM Washerwomen or cleaning maids such as these women had a specific task that they had to do repeatedly. The cleaning of clothes is an arduous thing that they had to repeatedly do, and this similar movement can cause pain and injury to the hands. Due to the…
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How Do People Develop Texting Thumb?

In this day and age, communication is a very key aspect of our lives. We like to remain in contact with our friends and loved ones, as well as to remain updated on what they are doing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to send an instant message or to  "text." As most people have smartphones now, texting has replaced calling as the new norm for communication. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TEXT TOO MUCH? Other than it being a strain on your eyes and a drain on your time, texting can have other negative side effects; for instance, a condition known as texting thumb. Due to the pivoted movements of the thumb, the tendon connecting the thumb to the palm, which is responsible for most of the…
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